Sunday, November 13, 2011

This is why I will never try to be friends with fat people

this whole skinny girl - fat nice friend friendship thing. will never be happening to me again. It has proven itself to be such a fake and 2 faced thing to where i am (not that) sorry to say that i am now one of those skinny girls that hate fat people. And not because they are fat, but because every fat person that i have come across, has been a bitch. It's seriously unexcusable for anyone to be fat and to be a bitch, well to me it is. Because i may be skinny but i am nice because i know there are really mean people in our population and i do not need to add to that. So if there are any oversized people that are reading this and they can say that they are a bitch. Then well i'm sorry but i don't like you.

Fat people to me that are going to be mean just need to no longer exsist. Because not only are you being large. You're being a cruel person. And there is no need for the 2 to be together. Honestly.

Here is some Drama that went down:

My fat friend Diana decides to make a post on facebook. So i commented JOKINGLY!! please remember the JOKE !! Mkay? And then her fatass and my other fatass friend decide to take it all up the ass. They got their plus sized panties all up in a bunch that we are no longer friends. And i'm so fine with that, its like i had no connection to them anyways. but just because i am the nice person i am. I'm going to run through this whole thing. Piece by Piece.

alrighty: So you can clearly see the joke part. (the other bitch maritza is not in here caused she blocked me before i could get her. Oh well) And then Diana has to say no one likes me. WELL ya know, my friends can trust me with shit,and i don't throw pity parties for myself. And the whole "No one likes you bullshit" {puhlease, get new material. Then she goes on to say "Not as over used as you" {Well, that one is just complete bullshit because while i only had one boyfriend this bitch can run her mouth and have 3. And that shit was completely gay. Yeah it was good but if your going to pull shit like this with me, tell me something i havent heard that will shut me up.

Now: The whole Jealous bullshit, that crap is so over played i am SO SURE that they were saying that back in the sixties. Why would be jealous of being short and fat, when i can be tall and beautiful. ? Ahh thank you ;)

Here we are: this is all complete and utter lies, here she says i bitch about my life when she is constanyl complaining about her weight her looks how she wishes her bf would do more than what he already does. And yeah i would think itd be funny for her to get told off. But hey her time is comin.

The ending: Now i love the whole "changed" bullshit because really anyone and everyone changes. But what i love most about "karma" is that karma has brought me a wonder boyfriend, a shit load of new better friends, new clothes, new shoes, all the things i am thankful for. So yes you fat leeching bitch, i do hope Karma gets me, i hope karma gets me really good.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My laundry list about you: T


There are so many things that just cannot be withheld until they all spill out and it turns into a giant mess and this is out pour (offensive or not it it what it is)

1. A little ring and two drops of koolaid (that wasnt even made right) is not ALL OVER THE COUNTER !!!

[Do not be so dramatic ok? You don’t exactly keep shit spic and span so ..]

2. Quit telling people how to raise their kids.

[It’s their life mmkay? I’m not exactly perfect but hey i’m not kicking my stepbrother then lying about it now am i? You are not perfect so..]

3. No one cares about your scrapbooking

[Quit promoting yourself it’s quitye annoying and it’s not a big thing anymore, and telling people to like the page, makes them not want to so..]

4.We get it youre a new soccer mom

[Once your son actually like does something SOCCER-IFFIC then post about it, but it makes you seem like you just got out of the kitchen once you leave the’s not cool, and its really really really annoying, no one cares.]

5. Yell much?

[ I don’t eat dinner cause i don’t need you in my ear screaming, thats why your step-son doesn’t like you, you always yell. I don’t have friends over because we can always hear you yelling about something so minute. Not only is it embrassing for me, but why should i have people even come over?]

6. That paper on the fridge that was cute-NOT

[ You want me to clean dishes that i didn’t create much less eat off of? Yeah that makes sense.why don’t you do my laundry even though you didn’t wear the clothes..]

7. You want my cellphone at night?

[ I have an alarm, sometimes i get up early, and why the fuck should you even be touching my phone if you don’t pay shit of it? I don’t trust you.]

8. Have you heard of a thing called flavor?

[Everything in that cabinet of ours is either whole wheat, fat free, sugar free, or no calories. It’s not like you are losing weight anyways so go buy something that has some flavor and maybe your body will like you more…..]

9. Yes MY laptop wallpaper is of  ME & MY BOYFRIEND kissing

[ I never really understood why this bothers you if you have a laptop of your own. I’m sorry that when i open my laptop i like to see my and my boyfriend happy and together. But it’s not like you have 6 pictures in the house of you and your husband but when i want to put up a picture on a screen that is only seen by me and maybe my mom, its just so freaking terrible. But hey we’re not going to touch the subject of how your husband goes to his friends house OVERNIGHT to play cards…yeah thats sooooooooooo not anything right?]

10. I should of choose honor and AP classes..

[Who the in the fuck asked you to be the dictatator of my school schedule? I didn’t you that i came out of you, thats just really interesting..please tell me how you should just have any opinion about my life.]

Got it?



Sunday, August 14, 2011

High School Vicaden not included.


So today is Sunday.
Today is yucky.
I hate today.”
I still have AP History work to finish.
I started my period.
My boyfriend is starting to hate me.
Some past issues are starting to come up again.

It would seem like all hell is breaking lose on my brain and my whole brain is like trying to tell it to just fuck off but its like hard to break I trust that the people reading this may understand what I am talking about and not say its anxiety.
I know what the fuck anxiety feels like.
This is straight stress the kind that kills people and makes people go insane and bat shit crazy.

High school hasn’t even started yet and look how I am doing.



Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How you can tell your friends are really lame.


Don’t get me wrong I love my friends.
haha that was a complete lie.
I don’t particularly like the people that I used to have friendships with.
But I know my friends are lame because they like never change and I don’t mean personality wise I mean like they just are so stuck on that one thing that they thought worked for them. Example: I like clothes that are cute, and so my friends think they are cute. When I get tired of them I give them to my friends. Well when my friends repeatedly wear this thing I think to myself
”I can’t be stuck with someone who is an outfit repeater.
That is not bitchy at all. I swear.

No one wants to be with the girl who is trying so hard. Because she is awkward and no one likes the awkward girl.

On too much more important matters:
My boyfriend loves me ^-^ ♥


Friday, August 5, 2011

What the fuck is wrong with you?


Is there any correct reason for a person to do drugs?
NO! there isn’t.
Is there any right reason for your environment to change you?
YES! (I had a test on it in my psychology course but this is besides the point)

Let me please state that yes I do live in the southern part of california, Yes there is a common reputation that goes along with that.
Does that mean that you must become one of them?
It is seriously killing me to see all of the people I use to call friends turn around and do drugs. Most espicially my old crush who is now a fucking hero. If that one person who seemed the most straight edge how can I not think that everyone else like that is ACTUALLY like that?
I don’t see how someone can just go and do drugs like seriously?
Are you purposely trying to destroy your life and the friendships you have created? Because that is exactly what you are doing. So the next time your ash off that blunt your hitting is blowing away in the wind, along go your friendships,trust,job oppurtunities, and my friendship along with it. Because I for one like my friends to be sober and high off of life and fun, not coke&rum.
Fucking loser.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Thrill

There is so much to do and there is only one way to actually do something and that would be to just do it.
Do everything justly and whole heartedly. When you do something you shouldn’t have to fear anything.
But we do and that makes what we are doing that much more better.
The whole thrill of getting caught, the thrill of the possible danger.
Because what is anything without some sort of danger or consequences. Good stories are not made with safe and cautious heroes. They are made with dangerous people.
Who also happen to not give a flying fuck.
You could bust all the “missions” you want. But what kind of danger are you facing?? Tripping over the sidewalk??
That’s not a mission that’s an errand.
There are plenty of things that you could do that are dangerous and don’t involve going anywhere.
The thrill of everything just makes that one thing THAT much better.
So my point here is:
Take a fucking risk and don’t complain about shit.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Death Ray w/ Optional Operator.


So everything that you ever thought about a death ray and it being real is well TRUE! Yeah pretty much. According the show I watched on the history channel this morning the death ray is a real thing and was created by Mr. Tessla. The dude who also made the Tessla coils.

He apparently, had the blueprints for a death ray to be built on an AMERICAN air force base! Sad to say (no not really) he died and no one decided to build it. So in essence it really isnt quite a big tragedy but on the other hand a death ray would have been nice to have in a war. Example:

Soldier: General! General! We are losing almost every goddamn volunteer we have!
General: Then send out the real troops.
Soldier: We already did that, the zombies are approaching rapidly into our quarters.
General: (turning dramatically) Fire up the…………(long dramatic pause) DEATH RAY.
Soldier: General, they’re already dead.
General: I know.

End scene.

I mean how cool would that be?!! All of a sudden you are losing a war and then ZAP! Wars over.
But then again in the wrong hands (like the russians or maybe germans) it could mean utter destruction. UTTERRR!!