Sunday, November 13, 2011

This is why I will never try to be friends with fat people

this whole skinny girl - fat nice friend friendship thing. will never be happening to me again. It has proven itself to be such a fake and 2 faced thing to where i am (not that) sorry to say that i am now one of those skinny girls that hate fat people. And not because they are fat, but because every fat person that i have come across, has been a bitch. It's seriously unexcusable for anyone to be fat and to be a bitch, well to me it is. Because i may be skinny but i am nice because i know there are really mean people in our population and i do not need to add to that. So if there are any oversized people that are reading this and they can say that they are a bitch. Then well i'm sorry but i don't like you.

Fat people to me that are going to be mean just need to no longer exsist. Because not only are you being large. You're being a cruel person. And there is no need for the 2 to be together. Honestly.

Here is some Drama that went down:

My fat friend Diana decides to make a post on facebook. So i commented JOKINGLY!! please remember the JOKE !! Mkay? And then her fatass and my other fatass friend decide to take it all up the ass. They got their plus sized panties all up in a bunch that we are no longer friends. And i'm so fine with that, its like i had no connection to them anyways. but just because i am the nice person i am. I'm going to run through this whole thing. Piece by Piece.

alrighty: So you can clearly see the joke part. (the other bitch maritza is not in here caused she blocked me before i could get her. Oh well) And then Diana has to say no one likes me. WELL ya know, my friends can trust me with shit,and i don't throw pity parties for myself. And the whole "No one likes you bullshit" {puhlease, get new material. Then she goes on to say "Not as over used as you" {Well, that one is just complete bullshit because while i only had one boyfriend this bitch can run her mouth and have 3. And that shit was completely gay. Yeah it was good but if your going to pull shit like this with me, tell me something i havent heard that will shut me up.

Now: The whole Jealous bullshit, that crap is so over played i am SO SURE that they were saying that back in the sixties. Why would be jealous of being short and fat, when i can be tall and beautiful. ? Ahh thank you ;)

Here we are: this is all complete and utter lies, here she says i bitch about my life when she is constanyl complaining about her weight her looks how she wishes her bf would do more than what he already does. And yeah i would think itd be funny for her to get told off. But hey her time is comin.

The ending: Now i love the whole "changed" bullshit because really anyone and everyone changes. But what i love most about "karma" is that karma has brought me a wonder boyfriend, a shit load of new better friends, new clothes, new shoes, all the things i am thankful for. So yes you fat leeching bitch, i do hope Karma gets me, i hope karma gets me really good.

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